MP: Pani Puri became poison! Health of 150 people deteriorated after consuming it

Mandla: A shocking news has come from Singarpur under Mohgaon police station of Mandla district. In fact, there was a commotion after eating the water here. It so happened that on Saturday-Sunday night, due to food poisoning, the health of about 150 people deteriorated. The list includes children, the elderly and the youth who have been victims of food poisoning. According to reports, around 70 to 80 patients were brought to the district hospital in ambulances and other vehicles. The remaining 15 to 20 people have been admitted to the Mohgaon Health Centre. It is being told that a large number of children are also involved in these patients. According to the information received so far, as soon as the condition of the patients was detected, the administrative officials immediately rushed to the hospital.

Doctors from the nearby community health centre also reached the spot and started treating the patients. Mandla Collector, Union Minister Faggan Singh and local MLA Dr Ashok Marskole also reached the spot to meet the patients and took stock of the situation here. It is also being reported that there was a haat market in Singarpur, about 40 km from the district headquarters, on Saturday and people from nearby villages had come here in large numbers to buy everyday items. In the meantime, people ate the whole water from a shop there and due to this, they started vomiting late at night.

Initially, he was admitted to Mohgaon health centre, but when the number started increasing, he was sent to the district hospital. On the whole issue, the villagers told the administrative officials that "they had eaten the entire water in singarpur market". After that, his health began to deteriorate. Seeing the deteriorating health of the people, the villagers informed the district administration and after that the administration became active and the patients were brought to the hospital in ambulances and other vehicles and treatment was started immediately. On the other hand, doctors have cited food poisoning as the reason for the deterioration of the condition of the villagers. He says that most people have mild infections, while one or two children are seeing a serious infection. Everyone is being treated.

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