16-year-old minor girl raped by her neighbor and 5 others
16-year-old minor girl raped by her neighbor and 5 others

Indore: In a shocking incident from Indore, a minor girl was raped by her neighbor and 5 others for over 16 months. The 16-year-old victim was raped by 6 accused, reportedly the age of all the accused said to be from 16 years to 50 years. According to the sources, the police said that the victim's mother passed away on March 2018 and she was studying in Class IX at the time.

Her father is a security guard and after her mother's death, the victim dropped out of school and came home from the hostel and stayed with her younger sister and father. In this case, the police said, the accused works as catering, who lives in the minor's neighborhood and asked the minor girl to come home to take care of the children, instead of paying her money. When the victim went to her home for work, the accused often showed her pornographic films on mobile and exploited her on one pretext or the other. Not only that, but the 23-year-old son of the accused also raped her and threatened to tell no one.

A few days later, the victim asked for mobile from the main accused's 16-year-old nephew, who asked for help from his friends, but instead of giving the phone, the boy started raping her. You can tell everyone that when two youths from the neighborhood came to know about the case, they also sexually assaulted the girl. In the end, the victim reported the whole matter to her father and the victim and her father went to the Tukkoganj police station and complained. The police have arrested and detained six accused on Saturday in connection with the case.

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