174 killed, many injured in stampede at football match, Police Tear Gas only made it worse

In East Java province, Indonesia, a football stadium saw at least 174 fatalities and 180 injuries as a result of supporters entering the field and sparking a stampede that required police to use tear gas to control, according to AFP. Following the defeat of the former at the match in Malang Regency, East Java, a fight broke out between the fans of the two Javanese clubs, Arema and Persebaya Surabaya.

Up from 129 earlier that day, the toll was higher. One of the deadliest sporting stadium accidents in history occurred on Saturday night in the eastern city of Malang. To get the supporters to go back to the stands where two officers were killed, the police were forced to resort to using tear gas shells.

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Numerous fatalities, according to the police, were stomped or suffocated to death. According to the police chief, numerous individuals were trampled and smothered as they rushed for one exit. "It had gotten anarchic. They started attacking officers, they damaged cars," Nico told Reuters, adding that the crush occurred when fans fled for an exit gate.

A five-year-old child was one of the victims, the hospital director told local television. Images taken during the stampede showed a lot of tear gas being used and people scaling fences. Injured fans were also observed being carried through the crowd by people.

Thousands of Arema supporters reportedly rushed onto the pitch after their team lost, which sparked fighting. According to East Java police commander Nico Afinta, Arema supporters had entered the field, forcing police to use tear gas, which caused a rush and asphyxia. After conflicts between supporters and police on Saturday, Indonesian President Joko Widodo ordered a safety assessment of the nation's football tournaments on Sunday.

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Images of body bags and video footage of people rushing onto the pitch in the Malang stadium were posted on social media. As a result of the stampede that resulted in the deaths of 127 people, Indonesia's sports minister Zainudin Amali told Reuters that authorities will review safety at football tournaments and possibly ban spectators. "The Indonesian top league BRI Liga 1 has suspended games for a week following the match that Persebaya won 3-2 and an investigation had been launched, "The Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI) said in a statement.

Indonesia's football organisation (PSSI), which expressed sadness over the event, announced that a team had left for Malang to begin an investigation into what transpired after the game.

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"PSSI regrets the actions of Arema supporters at the Kanjuruhan Stadium. We are sorry and apologize to the families of the victims and all parties for the incident. For that PSSI immediately formed an investigation team and immediately left for Malang," the statement read. Indonesia's human rights commission will now probe security on the ground, including the use of tear gas.

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