17-year-old Boy killed his mother’s live-in partner after she left her three kids to live with deceased

These days the crime due to extramarital affairs and Live in relationships is increasing day by day. In a yet another horrific incident a boy stabbed his mother's live-in partner to death in Jagatpuri area of Shahdara in the country's capital Delhi. As per the information the minor was against her mother’s love affair.

After committing the murder, The accused fled away. The deceased has been identified as 40-year-old Narendra Kumar, the police is currently investigating  the whole matter. The body of the victim has also taken into the possession of the dead body. The family members of the accused claim that their son is a minor.

According to the information, the deceased Narendra Kumar lived with his family in Jagatpuri area. He is survived by wife Simran and a daughter. Narendra was a car driver by profession. A few days ago, Narendra's closeness with a woman living in his neighborhood increased, while the woman has a husband and 3 children. Narendra Kumar and the accused mother left their respective families and started living in a live-in relationship at Palam.

Narendra Kumar and accused mother had a dispute during living together, so she insisted on going back to her house. On Saturday night, Narendra took the woman in his car and reached her house in Jagatpuri, where she had an argument with Narendra's wife Simran. Simran left from there, when the woman's son reached there and confronted Narendra.

Amid this argument, the woman’s son attacked Narendra with a knife. After this, the woman's husband put Narendra in the car and took him to the local hospital, where the doctors declared him brought dead. The woman's family claims that the boy is 17 years old and still a minor. As of now police is interrogating the whole matter. 

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