8 days old dead bodies of two brothers found, police engaged in investigation

Nowadays cases of crime are increasing. Body of two brothers found in a flat in Bairagarh area of Bhopal. Due to the doors being closed, a policeman reached inside the balcony of another flat. The dead bodies are 7 to 8 days old.

It has been told that after the smell coming from the flat, neighbours informed the police in the morning. Talking about the matter, TI Shivpal Singh Kushwaha of Bairagarh police station said, "35 years old Naresh Lalwani lives with his elder brother 37-year-old brother Dharmesh Lalwani in a building near Allahabad Bank Road. Neighbours reported about a constant foul smell. Body of Naresh was found soaked in blood on the floor and the body of Dharmesh was found hanging from the ceiling. Policeman reached inside the balcony of the neighbour's flat. While there, Naresh's body was found soaked in blood on the floor, and Dharmesh was hanged.

According to him, Naresh's corpse looks 7 to 8 days old and Dharmesh's 3 to 4 days old. Talking further in this case, Police said, 'Both the bodies have been sent for postmortem. Only after this, the cause of deaths will be known. Not only this, but the police has also told that this house belongs to Naresh and Dharmesh and 8 years ago their father Daulatram went to live in an old age home in Ajmer. Since then the two brothers were living together. Now the investigation is going on in this case.

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