2 kg RDX caused bomb blast in Ludhiana court, suspended constable involved

Amritsar: A major information is being revealed in the blast at the Ludhiana court complex in Punjab. Punjab Police has said based on forensic reports that RDX was used in the blast. According to police, the accused had used about two kilograms of RDX in the blast that took place in the court premises.

Police said, the water pipeline was torn due to a bomb blast. This caused a large amount of explosive substances to flow. The strike was going on in the court on the day the blast took place, otherwise, there could have been a big loss. According to police, a team of NIA and Punjab Police raided Khanna's house late at night at the house of suspended head constable Gagandeep, who was involved in the bomb blast. Police have seized their laptops and mobile phones for investigation.

Gagandeep was the sacked head constable of Punjab Police. He was a resident of Khanna in Punjab and came out of jail after serving a two-year sentence.  In fact, there was a bomb blast in Ludhiana court on Thursday. 1 person lost his life in the blast. 5 people were injured. A preliminary police investigation revealed that it was the deceased who planted the bomb.

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