2 men drugged and raped a woman

May 31 2019 03:40 PM
2 men drugged and raped a woman

Nowadays crime cases have created sensation everywhere. In this case, the case which has recently emerged from Jind, two youths in a village of Uchana Police Station area last night raped a young woman by drinking her intoxicant substance. In this case, the young woman says that she resisted her when she came back to the senses, but both of them thrashed her and threatened to kill her if she opened her mouth.

In this case, on the complaint of the girl, the Police has started investigations against the accused Tokoli and Kalwa resident Shamsher. The police have lodged a case under the Posco Act and other sections, and according to the news, the matter will be resolved soon. According to the news, this is not the first case before many such cases have emerged that are shocking.

At present, the investigation is going on in this matter which will soon come to an end, and the matter will be routed.

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