2 Sisters Did Something strange to Repay School Debt, go Viral on Social Media

Jun 16 2019 09:39 PM
2 Sisters Did Something strange to Repay School Debt, go Viral on Social Media

Two sisters, 13-year-old Haley and 11-year-old Hannah Haigar, who live in North Carolina, are trying to raise $41 thousand (around Rs 28 lakh) by setting up a lemonade stall. Sometimes it happens that those who want to read don't have enough money to read. That's why these two sisters had to take these steps. The aim is to repay the debts of the district's schools that provide food for the children.

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Hailey and Hannah's mother, Erin Hager, say that earlier the two wanted to raise money for their grandfather's hospital, but when they found out that all the schools in the district were indebted to the government of Rs 28 lakh. He then took up the matter to repay the debt. The total amount is Rs 28 lakh when it comes to the district's schools. In this regard, Haigar says the school became indebted to the government to feed her children. The children had no money to eat. Schools gave them food, but in the process they were heavily indebted.

The mother of these two sisters says she doesn't know for how long the money will be paid. After the Facebook campaign, people came forward to help them too. Somebody donated a cup, somebody did something else. She also sells snacks at a lemonade stall to raise as much money as possible. That's how they're raising money.

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