Girl was capturing selfie while taking bath in the Ganges,died

Jun 17 2019 03:58 PM
Girl was capturing selfie while taking bath in the Ganges,died

In Uttar Pradesh, a major incident took place in Prayagraj district of Uttar Pradesh in connection with the mobile selfie-taking incident. According to reports, two cousins drowned in the Ganga while taking a selfie while taking a bath in the Ganga and the bodies of the two have been recovered. The incident took place on Sunday at Davhata Ghat in Meja area, far away from the city. In this case, it was reported that the two were drifting together and went for bathing in the Ganga in the morning.

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In the case, the police said, "After taking the selfie, she went back to the river and was looking for a good angle to take a photo. "During this period, she went into deep water and drowned before she could manage to get into the river," reports said Devhata village in Meja area of Prayagraj district, the only daughter of advocate Ramesh Chandra Mishra, Swapnil (21) and her cousin. Yashwani (13) took a bath at the Ganga Ghat at the end of the village and was making selfies and videos while taking a bath. In this case, Swapnil went out to keep the mobile ghat and went into deep water for a fine angle to photograph the renown.

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Seeing her sister drown, Swapnil jumped into the Ganges and tried to save her, but she also started drowning as she was hit by a strong current. People at a distance heard screams, but the two drowned before getting help. When the family and police reached the spot on the information of the incident, only mobiles were found on the spot, with videos and pictures of them being alive a few minutes ago and both were submerged in deep water. The police were then informed and the police started a search by putting nets through divers, and about an hour later the bodies of the two were recovered.




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