2 women beaten by frenzy mob for rescuing a 17-year-old girl from marriage

Chennai: Two women were brutally beaten up by a frenzied mob for rescuing a 17-year-old girl from an early marriage. The incident is reported from Pavalathur village in Pennagram block in Dharmapuri district.  The investigation in matter is underway and police are looking for the minor girl, who was abducted by the mob. 

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According to the report, The Dharmapuri child line workers with the support of social welfare department staff and the local police rescued a 17-year-old girl who was being given in marriage. According to a report in the Deccan Chronicle, , a frenzied mob followed the child line workers as they were returning to Dharmapuri town after rescuing the victim in a state-run bus. The members of the mob accosted the bus, boarded and attempted to take the girl with them. 

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The child line female volunteers were identified as Vaitheeswari and Saroja. They were immediately admitted to the government hospital for severe injuries. However, a case has been registered with the local police at the Athiyamankottai police station and investigations in the case are underway.


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