20 people in the same room... no food to eat, such is the condition of 230 passengers of Air India

New Delhi: An Air India flight from Delhi to San Francisco had to make an emergency landing in a rural area of Russia after it developed a technical snag. The plane landed on Tuesday and has not yet taken off.   Due to which 230 passengers have been trapped in great trouble. The situation is that people are short of food, so the crisis of medicines for the elderly and the sick is also deepening. Not only this, 20-20 people are lying on the ground in each room. Somehow the time is being cut, but even after 18 hours, there is no information about when the plane will leave.  

Meanwhile, Air India's statement has come out, in which it has said that an alternative flight has also been sent to Russia. All those stranded passengers are also going to be boarded in this plane and then they are going to be sent to San Francisco in America, where they were going to go. There will be food items and other necessary things in this flight. During this time, the US statement has come that its situation is being monitored. "We have learned that the US-bound flight made an emergency landing in Russia," State Department Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel said. We can't say how many Americans were on board.  

There were 232 people on board. The flight had departed from Delhi's IGI Airport at 4 am on Tuesday. But in the middle of the way, a technical fault was also found in one of the engines of the aircraft. Due to this, an emergency landing has been done. People on board the plane reported on Twitter that they were stranded in a rural area of Russia. The situation is that these passengers have to be stopped in a school instead of staying in a hotel. Not only this, people are forced to lie down by putting mattresses on the ground. The place where this plane has landed is the city of Magdan in Russia, which is a remote area.

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