From today these 16 things will change in the country

Jan 01 2020 12:07 PM
From today these 16 things will change in the country

The year 2020 has started. Many things will change in the country from today. Most of these changes are related to economic issues. For example, from today, where only one helpline number of Indian Railways will be 139, then NEFT transactions will not be charged. At the same time, GST registration can be made easier. Apart from this, loans will become cheaper in the new year. Only 1 helpline number of Indian Railways: From today, only 139 numbers can be used instead of many helpline numbers of Indian Railways. Actually, Indian Railways has now converted the 139 service number into an integrated railway helpline, which is based on an interactive voice response system. In such a situation, passengers do not need to remember different numbers anymore. Now you can solve every problem related to the railway using just 139 number.

Railways increased fares, travel will be expensive from today: The common man is facing a big setback from today. Railways have increased passenger fares. This increase has been made up to a maximum of 4 paise. With this, passengers will now have to pay more fare than before, which can have a big impact on the passengers traveling long distances. The increased rental rates will be applicable from today. Single-use plastic ban in Kerala from today: There is going to be a big change in Kerala from the first day of the new year. There will be a single-use plastic ban in Kerala from today. Income Tax Return Filing: Bilateral Income Tax Returns can be filed by March 31, 2020, for the financial year 2018-19, but filing fees by December 31 will reduce the late fees. NEFT transactions will not be charged: In the new year, customers have received a new gift from banks. From today onwards, the customer will not have to pay any fee for the transactions done through NEFT from banks.

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GST registration: To make GST registration easier, the decision of GST registration through Aadhaar has been taken. Rupees - UPI will not be charged now: To promote digital transactions, a big announcement has been made by the government. From today, there will be no merchant discount rate (MDR) charges on transactions from RuPay Card and UPI. Debt: Repo rate linked loans 0.25 percent cheaper - SBI has reduced the interest of repo rate linked loans by 0.25 percent. Old customers will also benefit from the new rates from today. PF: Those who do the job will be easy- In the new year, the rules related to PF are also going to be easy. Under the new rules, those companies will also be under the purview of PF, where there are 10 employees. Only employees can decide the contribution of PF. A lump-sum withdrawal from the pension fund will be possible. From today onwards, the Assam government will gift 10 grams of gold to every adult bride who has studied at least till 10th and has registered her marriage: The government announced this scheme last month. The government has put some conditions to take advantage of this scheme. To take advantage of this scheme, the annual income of the bride's family should be less than Rs 5 lakh. The benefit of the scheme will be available only on the girl's first marriage. It will have to be registered under the Special Marriage Act 1954.

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Jewelry: Hallmarking is mandatory now - Hallmarking will be mandatory on gold-silver jewelry. However, there will be an exemption for 1 year in rural areas. Hallmarking rules have been applicable to jewelry since 2000, but hallmarking was not mandatory. Aadhar-PAN linking required by March: Aadhaar and PAN linking deadline will also end in the new year. Actually, earlier it was necessary to link PAN base by 31 December, but now till March 2020 time has been found. If you do not have the linking done to the new deadline then you will have to face difficulties. Insurance Policy: Premium will be expensive - IRDA has announced changes in change linked and not linked life insurance policy. This will make the premium expensive. At the same time, LIC has also announced to abolish the charge on credit card payments.

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Debit Card: Only cards with chips will run - By December 31, it is necessary to replace the old debit card with an electronic chip card. You will not be able to withdraw cash from old debit cards in the new year. The magnetic strip attached to it may be unusable, allowing the ATM to identify the customer's data. ATM: To withdraw cash, OTP-SBI has paid Rs. 10,000 from the ATM. Rules for withdrawing more cash than have changed. OTP will be mandatory to withdraw money from 8 am to 8 am. Fastag: Now required, otherwise double toll - Fastag will be mandatory in trains passing through NH after January 15. 10 million Fastags have been released. If the fast is not done then double toll will have to be paid.