25 lakh tons of e-waste created online in India in 2017, 25% increase seen each year

Jan 10 2018 04:14 PM
25 lakh tons of e-waste created online in India in 2017, 25% increase seen each year

According to a report released by the Association of Industries, Assocham, Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) will generate 1.5 million tonnes of electronic waste annually by the year 2020. At present, this amount is up to 85 thousand tonnes annually. 

Industry Board has said that e-waste in Delhi National Capital Region is growing at a rate of 25 percent per annum. For this increase in e-waste, the Industries Division has reorganized at the lower level in the organized sector, the rapid flow of old waste equipment from outside the country, less awareness about the disposal of this and the management of e-waste management. At the level of the coordination between different bodies is considered to be the reason.

Assocham says that at present, less than 1.5 percent of total electronic waste is reused in the country. The biggest reason behind this is that there is a lack of better facilities, the necessary legal framework and format are also not available. In the year 2017, in total, 25 lakh tonnes of e-waste was born in the country. 

The e-waste industry division has said that there are many types of harmful substances present in e-waste. Electronic waste products contain many harmful elements like lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, plastic, PVC, BFR, barium and carbon black and heavy metals. Their observations have a bad effect. 

According to the release of reports by Assocham, "India has the largest share of e-waste in 42% of the total imports. After this, 30 percent of the import comes from China, followed by 18 percent in Europe and the remaining 10 percent is imported from countries like Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. Computer equipment accounts for 68 percent of the electronic waste. This includes 12 percent telecommunication equipment."

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