25 people seek Wish-death, society boycotted them

Durg: Some youths of the state are finding it difficult to choose a life partner of their choice. Their marriage has become a cause of trouble for the family. Recently, 25 such people have submitted a memorandum to the Durg Collector, demanding protection or permission for self-immolation. The complainant, Gulab, said that she and many young people like her are harassed due to her being from the Kurmi community and intermarrying. He has accused the leader of the society, Rajendra Harmukh, of harassing him. On this matter, the leaders of society have refused to be excommunicated. Not only this, these people are not called between social programs, marriage or death.

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Gulab said that he married a girl of his choice in 2016. And he is not from the Kurmi community. People of this society started protesting about this. Due to which Gulab, a resident of Chingri village, has to leave his village and now has to live in Risali Bhilai. Soon after the wedding, the people of the society imposed a penalty on Gulab's father, punishing the entire village for food. His name was not printed in Gulab's brother's wedding card, people of the society had also placed a condition on it.

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Gulab also informed that in case of death of someone in such a situation, it is forbidden even to give the shoulder. Now on February 22-23, we will go to the proposed program of the society, 5 kilometers from the fort. Leader of Opposition Dharamlal Kaushik and on the second day Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel will also come in the program, while we will all keep our point. This treatment happening to us should be stopped. This time the event is being forced in a private hall so that we can be prevented from going there. Due to which we have demanded security or euthanasia from the collector.

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