2500 died in Ahmedabad due to corona virus

Apr 17 2021 03:32 PM
2500 died in Ahmedabad due to corona virus

Ahmedabad: Not only is there a risk of corona infection in the country, but the death toll from corona is also increasing continuously. The death toll from this infection in Gujarat has crossed five thousand. Ahmedabad has joined 10 districts where the total death toll has crossed 2500. 

On analyzing these figures, it is found that the case fatality rate (CFR) here is 2.7 percent, which is the highest among 11 districts. With this, Ahmedabad has half the figure of deaths in Gujarat. 50 percent of the deaths have taken place in this city. One of the three infected in Chennai is dying in Tamil Nadu and one in every four in Mumbai in Maharashtra. In such a number, population is the cause of death in one city, people from other cities also turn to these big cities.  

The health and population of the people living in these cities can be a big reason. In the initial days of the infection, the death toll in Ahmedabad city had crossed 39. When the figure was reduced, it was reached between 12 and 17, now this figure has reached 26 on average.

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