3 countries whose tour will cost you cheaper than an iPhone
3 countries whose tour will cost you cheaper than an iPhone

If you are trying to buy an iPhone, then give it a thought, you can travel to foreign countries at a cost less than that. Yes, there are some exotic tourist places which will not be heavy on your pockets and your tour will be done in less budget than the iPhone.


Here you can enjoy beach, mountains, culture and food. The ticket rates will be taken from New Delhi or Mumbai, the ticket will cost between 17 and 20 thousand rupees. The minimum stay cost is 573 per person per night. Thailand is known for street food. You will find good food here at a cheaper rate. You can visit Bangkok, Pattaya and Coral Islands, Chiang Mai, you can see the culture here. The most popular place here is the Tu Tic Ride, Underwater World, Floating Market, Victoria Monument in Bangkok. If you spend 6 days 5 nights here, then it will cost about Rs 35,000.


It is known to be a place where you can see a different colour in the culture. If the tickets rate are taken via a flight from New Delhi or Mumbai, the tickets for the starts from 20 to 22 thousand rupees. From Chennai or Kolkata, the price tag will be between 11 and 15 rupees. In Singapore, at the backpackers at Kalang or Fernloft City hostel, you will find a room for 600 rupees per night. If your budget is good, then you can take a good hotel at Rs 2,000 per night. The National Museum of Singapore is a must visit the place. Here are the underworld and Dolphin Lagoon is the famous places. The city's rousing night increases further. If you stop here for 4 days and 3 nights, then about 42,000 rupees will be spent.


Dubai is a beautiful city. A large number of international tourists come here. The tickets rates start at Rs.12,000. The price of the ticket depends on which time of the year you want to visit. You can get a room at Rs. 2000 per night. Here you will find many eating options in your budget. Do not forget to see the Burj Khalifa here. If you spend at least 5 days here, it will cost about 50,000.

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