3 Easy ways to deal with keratosis pilaris aka chicken skin at home

Keratosis pilaris is a harmless skin condition that features tiny patchy bumps on your body. Though there is no known cure for them, here are 3 simple ways to deal with this uneven skin texture.


Since the build-up of dirt, dead cells and other pollutants on the skin can fuel the process of KP, it is advised to shower every day and also exfoliate at least once a week. Use a body scrub and brush them gently on the area without scratching off the KP bumps. You can also try a mild 2 percent salicylic acid cleanser as it helps in treating clogged pores. Take care and wear only clean clothes every day and also change and shower after your workout hours to not to worsen this chronic skin condition.


Use a hydrating moisturiser after your bath and make sure you moisturise at least twice daily. Stay away from skincare products that have sodium lauryl and laureth sulfate as they cause low-level skin irritation. Moisturiser containing lanolin, petroleum jelly or glycerin soothes the skin and reduces inflammation.

Coconut oil massage

If you are tired and hate being called chicken skin or strawberry skin, oil cleansing can work wonders in treating keratosis pilaris. Coconut oil is a great way to get your skin and hair moisturised and remove dirt and greasy pollutants from your skin fast. Lauric acid present in coconut oil has acne relief benefits and anti bactericidal properties which help in addressing keratosis pilaris.


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