3 homemade cleansers to glow your skin on Diwali party

Oct 12 2018 04:07 PM
3 homemade cleansers to glow your skin on Diwali party

Girls use different types of beauty products to clean their faces, which are very expensive and are easily found in the market, but these expensive beauty products are very harmful to the skin. Because the chemicals mixed in them easily clean the skin, but there are many problems related to skin later. If you want to make your skin naturally clean and shiny, then use natural ingredients instead of expensive expensive beauty products.

1- Coconut oil naturally contains anti-bacterial properties and fatty acids. Exclude the toxins present in the skin and protect the skin from the external infection. Apart from this, abundance of antioxidants which cleans the skin deeply are found in it. It protects against external infection by becoming a shield for the skin. To use it, take some drops of coconut oil on your hands and apply it on your face. Now massage your face for 1 minute with light hands. Now clean your face with the help of tissue paper and wash it with lukewarm water. Doing this it will clear your face.

2- There is abundant lactic acid in the milk. By opening the hair follicles of the skin, cleansing the inner dirt deeply and moisturize the skin. By which the skin remains clean and healthy. To use it, place cold milk on your face and neck with the help of cotton. Wash your face with clean water after 1 hour. Doing so it will make your face clean.

3- Aloe vera is a natural medicine which has the skin accumulation properties. There are plenty of antioxidant elements in it that and clean the skin scars and protect the skin from all kinds of problems. Aloe vera also provides moisture to the skin. To use it, put the aloevera gel in the fridge for a while. Now let it dry on your face and neck. Afterwards wash your face with clean water.

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