3 kg sugar mixed in boiling water and poured on sleeping husband, died

Jun 17 2021 04:10 PM
3 kg sugar mixed in boiling water and poured on sleeping husband, died

There are many cases coming to light from all over the world, meanwhile, another case has come to light in which a woman in England poured hot water on her 81-year-old husband after which she died. Korina Bens, 59, had tied the knot with the man past 38 years and ago and was upset about one of her husband's words. Korina was sentenced to life imprisonment in the case.

Discussing the matter, Detective Chief Inspector Paul Hughes said that Korina not only poured boiling water on her husband but also added three kilograms of sugar to it. This gives an estimate of how much more harm this woman wants to do to her husband. Sugar becomes very harmful in boiling water. He further said that the woman went to the neighbours nearby for calling an ambulance after the attack and started doing a lot of panic there. This woman was realizing her mistake and she was nervously saying that she had made a mistake. 

However, if she had not been panic and called an ambulance, Korina's husband might have survived. In fact, Korina had gone shopping with her daughter, but her husband had called her quickly. According to reports, Korina's husband wanted to call Korina home as soon as possible for some work. Korina didn't say anything at that time, but she was very upset about it. The woman then boiled two kettles of water and added a few kilos of sugar to it and after pouring the boiling water into the bucket, Korina poured it on her sleeping husband.

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