Taliban's Fear! 3 lakh people reached Iran from Afghanistan

Kabul: Thousands of people flee Afghanistan are taking shelter in neighbouring Iran every day, and this is a situation that could deepen the issue of the refugee crisis in Europe. Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) Secretary-General Jane Igland met refugees this week near Karman province in eastern Iran, bordering Afghanistan, requesting that Europe be affected if people flee from Afghanistan to Iran in search of asylum.

Speaking to media in Tehran on the last day of his visit on Wednesday, England said much needs to be done to provide hope, food and care to people fleeing Afghanistan after Taliban rule. He said many Afghan students have told their relatives that they are going to Iran. Kabul was widely evacuated after the Taliban ruled Kabul on August 15.

1,20,000 Americans, Afghans and others were rescued from Afghanistan by air. But still, thousands of people were left out, many of whom moved to the border areas and are seeking help from the agencies providing help. According to NRC, 3,00,000 Afghans from Afghanistan have fled to Iran after Taliban occupation. He said the winter season has begun in Afghanistan and there is no proper arrangement to provide shelter to refugees, and a large number of people are expected to come to Iran seeking asylum.

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