3 magical tips to get rid of the foul smell
3 magical tips to get rid of the foul smell

No matter how good looking you are but if foul smell comes out of your mouth then it will surely affect adversely to your personality and impression on others. Your friends and relatively can keep distance from you and they may not say about the foul smell but they starts to keep distance from you. If you are also suffering from the problem of foul smell then don’t worry we bring you 3 magical tips which can help you in getting rid of it.

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1. Coconut oil is helpful in eliminating bad breath. Put one spoon coconut oil in the mouth and turn around for 20 minutes. Doing this will eliminate the odor from your breath.

2. The apple vinegar also helps to remove the odor of breath. To use it, mix two teaspoons of vinegar in half cup of water and put it in the mouth. Rinse it after 20 minutes. Doing this will remove the odor from breathlessness.

3. Fennel seeds is used as a mouth freshener. It is helpful in killing the germs present in the mouth. Eating a teaspoon of fennel after eating a daily meal removes the odor from breathlessness.

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Hope, this tips proves helpful for you in getting rid of bed smell and to confidently communicate with others.


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