3 people including couple shot dead in Sonipat

Jun 09 2019 11:53 PM
3 people including couple shot dead in Sonipat

In Sonipat: 3 people including couple were shot dead in village buffalo question Kalan and Katwal of Gohana area in the district. Among the dead are buffaloes, Kalan resident Smarter Singh (56), his wife Nirmala (50) and Katwal resident Surendra (44). Smart and Surendra have been 4-4 and Nirmala with 3 bullets. The Buffaloes have long grudge in 2 families in Kalan.

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Perform such a given incident

According to the information, it is alleged that due to this, at 3 in the morning, the people of Krishna side rushed to their roof by the stairs of the house lying vacant from the clever house. The accused were fire on the sleeping smarting. Then came down and fired on Nirmala sleeping in the room. The accused then arrived at Katwal at 4pm. There broke into Surendra's house and fire at him. 3 teams of police have been set up to arrest the accused. Police are deployed in two villages.


Grudge in the wake of the incident

According to the information, the Buffaloes are grudge between Krishna and Praveen Putra Balbir in Kalan. In it, the Krishna side murdered Praveen 2 years ago. Last Monday night, Balbir was shot dead. The accused are still absconding. It is alleged that the people of Krishna side have now killed Praveen's uncle, Smarak and Auntie Nirmala. 3 people have lost their lives in the Krishna side also. The Smarter Buffalo was the Secretary in the cooperative bank in Kalan.

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