3-period myths in India !!!

Periods are the every month problem for females and no matter how they feel about it, they have to face the agony of menstruation. Moreover being in India you have to face many taboos and you left with no option other than complying with them. Some of the commonly believed myths are:

  1. Restricted diet: It is considered that during periods you should not eat spicy foods, cold drinks or citric fruits. However, there is no relevant research that proves what to eat and what not to eat during periods.
  2. Intimacy during periods: Some beliefs that period sex is harmful while others have the myth that there is no need to take precautions and a woman would not get pregnant during period sex. Again it's a myth because A sperm can live up to five days inside a woman’s body and she may ovulate while the sperm is still there.
  3. No to everything: The list of restricted works during the periods is way too long. You can go to a holy place, cannot enter the kitchen, can't cook food, can't go to the gym, can't touch the pickle, can't swim, can't wash your hairs and blah blah. Period taboos are so strong that for some time you feel that you are imprisoned for no guilty. 

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