3 remedies to keep your skin under the eye healthy

Sep 16 2018 10:41 AM
3 remedies to keep your skin under the eye healthy

How do wrinkles begin to appear under the eyes? Yes, when the skin starts becoming loose, wrinkles appear. Therefore, some measures should be taken in time.

Actually, the skin under the eyes is very thin. Because of this, it is also sensitive. Deficits in the body, the effect of age, stress, etc. appear here in the form of wrinkles.

What happens is that there can be many reasons for wrinkles to fall. Stress, apart from age, are also more in sunlight. Sleep also plays a vital role.

What To Do

Many people often use different types of creams. Among them, the anti-wrinkle cream is the most used. But the home remedies work better than these creams. Here are some tips you can follow.

- You must have seen in films, parlour etc. that cucumber is kept on the eyes. This is because of the cucumber cooling property for the skin. It cools the skin, the muscles are relaxed. Its is also used to remove dark circles. So keep the cucumber on the eyes before sleeping at night. After some time wash the eyes with cold water.

- Pineapple is very helpful. Here is the bromelain enzyme. It is considered helpful in removing wrinkles. You place its juice under the eyes. Wash on drying. Do this for several consecutive days. Results will appear.

-Olive oil is considered to be very good for skin. Place olive oil around the eyes. You will see the difference very soon. Like olive oil, you can also use castor oil.

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