3 ways to store Coriander leaves for a long period

Jun 12 2018 10:01 AM
3 ways to store Coriander leaves for a long period

Coriander is a kind of edible plant, that not only increase the fragrance but taste and flavours too.
Mostly loved in curry and pulses. The essence of coriander increase the appeal of the food, also garnishing your dishes with it makes it look attractive. 
When we go to buy the vegetables in the market, the thing that we want more than anything is a bunch of complimentary coriander leaves.
The plant doesn’t stay for long and gets rotten soon, even after refrigerating it for a long time. it becomes stale.  Only if you knew how to keep it fresh for a longer period of time.
Here, we have a few tips for you to preserve the herb for more days and enjoy the taste.


 1.Turmeric Water Method:
When you wish to store it, better cut the stems which in non-edible part of the herb.  Take a bowl, add a teaspoon of turmeric along with water. keep them three together for about half an hour . wash it later and let it dry. dry it with a tissue if possible, make sure all the moisture is removed. Take the leaves and pack in another box with layers of tissue in between. The only thing to keep in mind is that there should be no moisture left. This will keep the coriander fresh for about three weeks, which is a really long time.

2. Soak In The Water Method
Again make sure you cut the roots before storing it, wash the leaves nicely. Dry them using a paper towel. Now, take a glass of water and submerge the stems in it, keeping the left out of it, just like you keep flowers in a vase. Take a polybag and cove the top of the glass loosely, refrigerate it and use it whenever needed. Also, keep changing the water, whenever required.

3.Store In The Zip-Lock Bag Method
Wash the leaves of coriander and dry them until the moisture Is gone. Make batches of the leaves and divide them equally.
Take tissue rolls and roll each bundle separately. Keep them in a ziplock bag when every bundle is dried and rolled properly.
Make sure there is no moisture in the bag and then keep it in the freezer.
This will keep the leaves fresh for a span of two weeks.


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