These 3 Zodiac signs that don’t hold grudges


Pisces may appear to be nasty at times, yet they never carry grudges. They may tell you straight to your face about things that have disturbed them or damaged their feelings, but they will quickly forget about it. They will never talk about your prior faults or the things you have done incorrectly again. For them, once a chapter ends, it is permanently closed and will never be reopened.


A Cancer doesn't carry grudges, either. They desire a happy life devoid of problems, and they understand that keeping grudges would never help them achieve that goal. They have a knack for forgiving others and forgetting their transgressions. While this may cause them to be wounded and disappointed at times, they understand that not everyone is the same. Good and terrible experiences are a part of life for them, and they must be dealt with at all costs.


People born under the zodiac sign of Leo are forthright. They despise playing the blame game. There's no going back after they've forgiven you. They don't go digging for the past. They don't hold grudges since it's not in their nature. No matter how much someone has harmed a Leo, if that person apologises, Leo will never refuse.

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