30 benefits of solo traveling

Apr 24 2019 05:10 PM
30 benefits of solo traveling

1. You hate loneliness with all your heart ...

Descending from an airplane ramp onto the ground of some unfamiliar country, you absolutely will worry, be nervous and feel impossible to be lonely. Without panic: this contradictory range of feelings happened to experience all travelers at the very beginning of their adventures.

2. ... and after that you will love it madly.

You will begin to get pleasure from loneliness . Think about it, is there something more beautiful than freedom and the ability to do what you want, and then when you want it?

3. You will get rid of the power of things

The transition from a comfortable life in your own home and trips on a personal car to a semi-recluse way of life with a backpack behind your back after a while will allow you to understand how great the power of things was above you.

4. Understand that quality is better than quantity

We live in a world ruled by numbers. And the bigger the number, the better. Everything can be calculated: the number of friends in social networks (the more the better, you remember, yes?), A tidy sum in a bank account, the number of floors in the highest skyscraper.

The same with the number of places you visited. It is much better to spend three months in one city, completely immersed in its culture and atmosphere, than trying to conquer a dozen in the same time with the language on your shoulder.

5. You will learn a new language

The realization of how big the world really is, and of what bubble you live in, will come only when you begin to travel. For example, you can communicate freely with only 12% of people in the world, if you can only speak English . The best way to understand the remaining 88% is to learn another language. Only one knowledge of Spanish increases your chances of being understood in the rest of the world by a factor of two.

Each of us has access to the Internet, and this automatically negates all attempts to justify our laziness by the lack of opportunities to learn a language. There are no obstacles left: you can practice whenever and wherever. Living in a multilingual world automatically imposes certain obligations on us.

6. You will learn to love yourself

Solo travel is time that you can spend alone with yourself. You will receive the greatest opportunity to be alone with your innermost thoughts and experiences. This difficult test will be a really valuable lesson for you.

7. You will understand that you don’t owe anything or anyone.

There is a huge difference between internal and external self-confidence . External confidence can be assumed, and it should be able to constantly monitor, so as not to lose face in front of others.

Much more important is your inner confidence. Stop worrying about what other people think about you: it takes too much force. Focus on what you want and just do it.

8. It is important to honestly acknowledge your successes and failures.

When you travel alone, the responsibility for making decisions falls entirely on your shoulders. Prompt and help will be no one. In the event that the decision was a failure, have the courage to admit this to yourself in order to avoid similar situations in the future.

9. We must trust the intuition.

Every day we make a huge number of important and not very decisions. You will never have the opportunity to calculate all possible options and calculate the ideal formula for success. Use intuition - it is your key to survival.

10. Home is where you are

Here, everything is as in the famous quotation: "Wherever you go, you take with you." Your habits sooner or later will make themselves known.

11. It is necessary to merge with the place to which they arrived.

Whatever city you plan to visit, try to get to know it 100%. Learn local language, chat with locals, try national food. Do not be the person who follows the crowd of tourists everywhere.

12. Understand what is important to you ...

You will hear many exciting life stories of people you meet on your way. Learn about incredible success stories (from beggarly rags to untold wealth), about deadly diseases, about insurmountable difficulties - the list will go on and on. Think about what you yourself could tell about yourself.

13. ... and who is important to you

Your long absence from the trip will allow you to understand how many really important people are in your life. We often burden ourselves with intimacy, which we don’t need at all: artificial relationships with neighbors, friends with former classmates, “for show” with colleagues. Rid yourself of it all by checking the relationship by distance.

14. Keep your phone away

There is something magical in a trip to an absolutely unfamiliar city. When we travel, we become more receptive, the way of thinking changes, and acquaintances are made much easier. Do not let the phone destroy this magic. Take it away.

15. Be strange

Life is too short to exist only within the framework that most people consider acceptable and acceptable. Do not be predictable and do not do what everyone is waiting for you.

16. There are many things to learn.

We do not know much about the world and the people who inhabit it - about their culture, values, language, eating habits and the list goes on. The truth is that most of us live in a very closed world, which includes only a couple of dozens of close people and places that we used to visit.

We are not even trying to somehow change the situation, look beyond the limits of the familiar world and try something new. We forget that "the more we know, the less we know."

17. Do not speak, but do

You can spend the whole day talking about how it would be great to complete the task, and not make any, even the most insignificant, attempts to bring it to life.

There are many people in the world whose work is ten times more difficult than yours, and at the same time ten times less paid. Most of us cannot even imagine what is really hidden under the expression “hard work”.

18. There is no such thing as a “stranger.”

You will no longer perceive people as mere strangers. By meeting in hostels with the same travelers, you will begin to pick up a kind of mental connection between you, which is impossible to explain, but easy to feel.

19. Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness.

You will need some time to realize that there is nothing wrong with vulnerability and demonstrating temporary weakness. Sometimes it is worth giving an exit to the accumulated emotions. The ability to admit your mistakes and correct them characterizes you as a strong personality rather than vice versa.

20. Look at people without masks.

One of the most wonderful things about traveling is the people around you. When they are not constrained by social restrictions and conventions, they are revealed on the other side. You will have the opportunity to find out what they really are.

21. Kill everyone with your kindness.

It is much easier to break into a person than to try to understand the situation and respond adequately. Try to be generous to all, and you will definitely not regret the saved power or the saved nerves.

22. Bring books with you

During the journey, our brain is more susceptible, and this can have a positive effect on your level of creativity. Read during flights, transfers at the airport, while traveling hitchhiking - you can easily master the book a week.

23. Make spontaneity your second self.

During the trip, there will often be situations when you have to drastically change your plans. Learn to be less conservative and be prepared to make spontaneous decisions.

24. Look for like-minded people.

We all know this quote: “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.” In difficult times you will be comforted by the idea that there are quite a few people in the world who share your views.

25. Show kindness

The easiest, but at the same time the most effective way to make the world a better place is to spontaneously show kindness towards people you are unfamiliar with.

26. Sympathize with those who really need it.

It is difficult to sympathize with people who complain that booking their table in a restaurant for some unknown reason was canceled, or that they did not come across the most comfortable place on the plane.

Traveling around the world, you will meet many hard workers who, earning less than 5 dollars a day, also manage to help their families. They simply do not have time for whining and discontent.

27. Invest in yourself

On a solo journey, your number one goal should be to take care of yourself . Take advantage of the opportunity while you have this opportunity

28. Set global goals

Set yourself some large-scale goal that will benefit not only you. This goal will serve as a guiding star when you are faced with life difficulties and obstacles. The essence of the global goal is that you will go to it not only to satisfy your own interests, but also then not to let down the people who count on you.

29. Be able to stand on your own and be able to admit defeat.

Be brave enough to stand a mountain for those beliefs that you believe in. But have the strength to admit that you have no answers to absolutely all questions.

30. We are all just people.

The irony of travel is that we strive to explore as many different cultures as possible and communicate with as many people as possible so that after returning home, we understand that all people are the same. The poor, the rich, Asians, Hispanics - we all play the same game called life. And we all want one thing: love, respect and a safe future.


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