30 Kg Ovarian Tumour Removed from 16-Year-Old Girl in Assam Medical College & Hospital (AMCH)

Jul 22 2021 06:09 PM
30 Kg Ovarian Tumour Removed from 16-Year-Old Girl in Assam Medical College & Hospital (AMCH)

Guwahati: An ovarian mass of around 30 kg was successfully removed by a team of doctors at the Assam Medical College & Hospital (AMCH) from a 16-year-old girl. Speaking to the media, AMCH principal cum chief superintendent Sanjiv Kakati said that the girl was in a very critical condition due to intubation difficulty but senior physician Dr. Karuna Das successfully resuscitated & incubated her after a technically challenging maneuver.

The AMCH's emergency gynecology and anesthesia team, led by Professor R Sonowal along with his colleagues Dr. Pranati Dutta and Dr. Aiswarya Lekshmi conducted the four-hour-long very critical surgery, Kakati said. Though the surgery was not scheduled for Wednesday, the emergency operation was conducted after the girl complained of breathing problems in the morning and she was operated on with ventilator support. "Patient's vital organs were stable after extubation and she was fine. The mass was densely adherent and had a large fluid mass creating the girl's daily livelihood a very difficult one and she had to undergo a life-saving emergency operation," Kakati said.

"It was a significant achievement in the history of AMCH because the doctors of AMCH have proved their capability once again. We are very proud of our doctors," Kakati said. The patient's vitals are stable after extubation and she has been kept under observation in the High Dependency Unit (HDU), he added.


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