A woman fell in love with the boy of half her age, but 4 years later...

Aug 21 2019 01:40 PM
A woman fell in love with the boy of half her age, but 4 years later...

Recently, a case of crime has come to light from Ahmedabad. Hearing what has happened in this case can make your senses fly. According to reports, a woman from Ahmedabad in Gujarat divorced her husband in 2016 and lived alone with her 13-year-old son. Four years ago, the woman fell in love with a 15-year-old boy in Bhavnagar, and the relationship between the two grew and the love went up.

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For four years, the boy was good, but when the boy turned 19 years old and started stubbornly marrying the woman, the woman panicked and started running away from him. The woman did not respond to the proposal for the boy's marriage and wanted to meet the boy's housemates and tell them everything, but the boy refused to meet and was insisting for marriage.

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Finally, when the woman did not listen, the young man started threatening the woman and the boy said that "if the woman does not marry him, he will kill her." Then she went to her mother's place, there also he did not give up her chase and then finally she filed a complaint with the police. The accused youth has now been arrested in the case.

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