3000 health workers in France suspended for not taking corona vaccine

Paris - As the campaign to administer vaccines to prevent corona virus infection intensifies around the world, people may assume that health workers will not hesitate to take doses of the vaccine, but people will be surprised to know that health workers have opposed taking the vaccine. In France, at least 3,000 health workers have been suspended as they have not taken the vaccine.

Similarly, in Greece, health workers have protested against mandatory vaccination. Similar cases have been reported in Canada and New York provinces. Health workers in Australia had arrived at protests in Melbourne and Perth. Some health workers have also challenged compulsory vaccination in the court of the Australian state of New South Wales (NSW). More than 90 percent of health workers in NSW and Victoria have been vaccinated. But some of the people working in hospitals and other centres are hesitant about vaccines or they want to choose the vaccine for themselves.

The health data of the NSW shows that at present about seven percent i.e. Internationally, there are 4.3 to 72 percent cases of reluctance among health workers to get vaccinated.

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