3081 new corona cases recorded in Maharashtra

Jan 18 2021 09:15 AM
3081 new corona cases recorded in Maharashtra

Mumbai: The corona in Maharashtra is again wreaking havoc. Day by day, the cases of infection are increasing. On Sunday, 3,081 new cases of coronavirus infection have been reported. After these new cases have surfaced, the number of infected people has increased to 19, 90759. The state health Department has issued a statement last yesterday.

This information has been given in this statement. The state health department says, "the death toll due to death of 50 more patients from the epidemic has risen to 50,438". Further, the state Health Department in its statement also said that a total of 2,342 people have been healthy last Sunday and have now been discharged from hospitals. The number of people who have been healthy has increased to 18, 86469.

According to information received, there are currently 52,653 patients in Maharashtra who are undergoing treatment and are in the hospital. Talking about the city of Mumbai, there have been 531 cases of coronavirus infection. The number of coronavirus epidemic cases has increased to 3, 02757. Seven more people have died in Mumbai, leading to a rise in the death toll to 11,244.

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