4 tips to tackle issues related to Career problems

Nov 13 2018 11:49 AM
4  tips to tackle issues related to Career problems

Career counseling is especially important because several studies indicate that Effective career counseling can give hand clients in making smart decisions related to their work and other life roles. Career counseling involves facilitating client development of scores of life roles.

To tackle issues related to Career here are some astrological remedies -

If you do not search out a job, then offer a spoonful of mustard seeds to sun god constantly for 41 days. Arrange to make contribution of water on Sundays and maintain a free water dispenser at the place of your birth for thirsting citizens.

 If your career is instable with everyday problems and transfers, in that case fill five copper vessels with sweets made of basan flour and donate them on Sunday continuing this act for at least 11 Sundays.

 If you countenance barriers with your official duties, then chant the mantra, “Om Vigneshwaraya Namaha” for 108 times a day.

For getting a success in your work, write the job description in a piece of paper, fold it and place it in front of lord  Ganesh along with some supari. Never begin any new work during Rahukalam.

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