4 places to go on a road trip with family
4 places to go on a road trip with family

If you are very fond of travelling, then there are some places that you can visit and enjoy with your family. Why not do a road trip with the family this time? If you feel that it is going to be very boring, it is not so at all. During the road trip with the family, you will not only enjoy the heart freely, but it will create a new bond in the relationship and will also give time to spend time with the family member. So we are going to give you information about some such place.

Kochi to Wayanad
If you go on a road trip from Kochi to Wayanad, then take the NH 66 route from here, it will take seven to seven and a half hours to reach Wayanad. Through Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, you can also enjoy the natural place like the island of Kurudweep. Stay in between and eat tasty and crispy seafood and have a relaxed view of the sunrise and sunset.

Delhi to Rishikesh
People often choose a road trip from Delhi to Rishikesh. It hardly takes five hours to reach Rishikesh from By Road Delhi. As soon as you enter Uttarakhand, you will be so lost in the river, waterfalls, mountains and the local dialect of the place that all your fatigue will go away in a moment. In Rishikesh, there are many places like Ramjhula, Laxman Jhula, Harki Pauri and Haridwar where you can enjoy a lot with the family.

Kolad from Mumbai
The journey from Mumbai to Kolad by road is really tremendous. The distance from Mumbai to Kolad is only 122 kilometres. Lakes, waterfalls, beautiful mountains and rivers begin to be seen as soon as they reach near Kolad. Tripping from Mumbai to Kolad Road during the monsoon is something else. Kolad is very famous for rafting. Apart from this, there are best places to visit here like Tamini Ghat, Bhira Dam and Ghosla Fort.

Jaipur to Kalyanpura
If you are confused about how the experience of a road trip with the family will be, then you can choose Kalyanpura Road Trip from Jaipur. There is a distance of only 100 kilometres between Jaipur and Kalyanpura, as well as this route is very smooth and comfortable. If your family is elderly then you can take them along with you for this route. While going to Kalyanpura from Jaipur, you will find many small villages and Dhabas, you will not be able to stop yourself from the smell of the dishes made in Dhabas. Kalyanpura has many good and luxurious resorts, where you can stay with the family.

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