With these 4 simple mantras, you can please your Pitru

Sep 16 2019 04:20 PM
With these 4 simple mantras, you can please your Pitru

These days we all know that Shraddh is going on. In such a situation, everyone should recite the 4 sacred usable mantras during this period. Yes, it is said that the completion of religious works cannot be done without chants and hymns and they also have special significance in Shraadh. In this case, its hymns are many and mention of two is considered sufficient. In such a situation, first of these is the Purusha Sukta and the second is the Pitru Sukta. On the other hand, if both of these are not available, the work can be completed by using the following mantras. Let's know both these mantras.

1. ॐ कुलदेवतायै नम: (21 बार).

2. ॐ कुलदैव्यै नम: (21 बार).

3. ॐ नागदेवतायै नम: (21 बार).

4. ॐ पितृ दैवतायै नम: (108 बार).

It is said that by using them, pitrus can get relief from problems. With this, for the Brahmin food, wash the feet of Brahmins and make food and take the resolution first and after giving food to the Brahmin, give Dakshina, give clothes. Now after this, if you can then donate cow-land and if it is not, give money for cow land. At the same time, they can also be resolved. With this, 12 types of Shraddhas have been described in Bhavishpuran by citing Muni Vishwamrit which we are going to tell you. These names are नित्य श्राद्ध, नैमित्तिक श्राद्ध, काम्य श्राद्ध, पार्वण श्राद्ध, वृद्धि श्राद्ध, श्राद्ध सपिंडन, प्रेत श्राद्ध etc.

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