4 Expert ways to bring back love in the relationship during the COVID 19 scenario

COVID-19 has impacted lot of romantic relationships all over the globe and you are not alone. Now that the vaccine is here, we are hoping to see better times in the coming future. We can work towards healing our love relationships too. 

Reduce your anxiety levels

Stressful situations like death of someone or ill health, loss of job or poor finances can trigger anxiety. If you are too anxious, try to calm yourself or your partner depending on the fact as to who is more anxious. Practice breathing exercises, yoga or meditation together to ease the situation and develop trust and faith in each other.

Practice mindfulness

Be aware of the struggles and issues that your spouse might be going through in this tough time. Be mindful of what you communicate to him or her through your verbal and non verbal channel as every message from your end can be a source of strength. Be empathetic and sensitive in your actions.

Be creative and flexible

Be flexible in your schedule so that you can find out time for your partner during your working hours as well. Be creative in your approach towards your relationship. Don’t keep a rigid rule book for your love life. Be flexible and go with the flow.

Recall why you started

Another way of feeling joyful is revisiting the happy moments of the past. Talk about the good times that you have shared with each other in the past and look at old pictures and videos together. Also, reflect on why the two of you decided to be together and how it all started. Your reason to be together will give you the strength to stick and support each other and sail through this difficult phase.


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