4 minors in gangrape case to be tried as adults in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: The Juvenile Board ruled on Friday that Four of the five "Child in conflict with the law" (CCL) arrested as accused in the Jubilee Hills gang rape-case, are to be tried as an adult.

The five along with a sixth person were detained in connection with the high-profile case that shook the state a few months ago.

According to principal magistrate G Radhika, the fifth Child in conflict with the law", who is the son of a MIM legislator, would be tried as a juvenile. The children's court will take over his case.

The magistrate disagreed with a board member who had said that the victim's kind demeanour may have attracted the children in conflict with the law, who lack legal education and are therefore unable to comprehend the legal repercussions. The principal came to the conclusion that there were no compelling reasons for CCL to do the crime because they were not impaired by drink or other drugs.

In the controversial case, the police department defended the MLA's son by using more lenient legal provisions against him while the opposition parties in Telangana attacked the state's ruling Telangana Rashtriya Samiti party (TRS).

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