4 Rituvals you should know on Chhath Puja and why it is celebrated
4 Rituvals you should know on Chhath Puja and why it is celebrated
On the occasion of the chhath puja, we here let you know about what is chhath Puja and why is it celebrate and what is the important rituals done in the Chhath Puja. So, it all starts with the origin of Mahabharata and Ramayana, Not only this but Chhath Puja is also has health benefits in it. Moreover, it is the prominent festival celebrated mostly in the North parts of India. Chhath Puja related all the rituals starts on the sixth day according to a Hindu calendar month, called Kartika. 
Starting from today that is 24octuber 2017, Chhath Puja festive season celebrated at a stretch of 4 days, in which the devotees worshipped to god Sun and seek their blessings for well-being, happiness and prosperity. The Chhatt Puja in which people offer prayer to god sun, do fasting and dips into holy water of Ganga. 
Below are the everything you need to know about the legend, significance and rituals of the chat Puja. 
- According to the legend 
The exact origins of Chhath Puja remain undefined and ambiguous, some believe it dates all the way back to Hindu epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata.
- Its Significance 
According to some people, Chhath Puja has a scientific reason that it helps the human body get rid of toxicity. Taking dips in water and exposing oneself to the Sun increases the flow of solar bio-electricity that improves the overall functionality of the human body. Some also believe that Chhath Puja helps eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses from the body--thus preparing one for the onset of the winter season.
- Rituals 
Day 1:
 Naha Kha/ Nahaye Khaye On the first day of Chhath, devotees do not consume food before taking a bath, after which they prepare food items like change ki daal, kheer, kaddu ki sabzi among others.
Devotees fast till the Kharna puja concludes. After which a combination of jaggery-laden kheer and puris is offered to the gods and distributed among those who'd observed the fast. 
Day 3:
 Pehla Arghya
The toughest and third day of Chhath has devotees--mostly women--observe a rigid fast where they neither consume water nor food. Dedicated to Sun god's consort, Chhathi Maiya this day is marked with folk songs and taking dips in the holy waters of Ganga, Kosi and Karnali--that goes on till the sun sets.
Day 4:
 Doosra Arghya/ Paaran 
Devotees break their long fast after offering prayers to the rising Sun. 
Here is all one should know about the rituals of Chhatt Puja 
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