4 Steps to ask someone out after they have recently had a breakup

When someone has recently broken up, it can be quite tough to somehow ask them out if you are interested in them. They are going through a tough phase and thus, need time to heal and get back in the dating game.

Although it might be helpful for them when you lend them a shoulder to cry on, sometimes they may take it in the wrong way and might get offended. So we have for you 4 ways by which you can ask someone out after they have just broken up.


Give them time to heal. After their break up they would need someone who they can trust and confide in. Lend them a shoulder and listen to them patiently.

Take them out with your friends

To take them out, don’t directly ask them out on a date. Instead, take them out on a casual outing with your friends and gauge their reactions to know if they are ready for a date.

Be patient

Don’t rush them into dating you. Be patient and understand that they are going through a tough phase. Let them heal properly before asking them out.

Text them

If you want to convey your interest in them in a subtle manner then it is best that you text them. Send them a slightly flirty text to let them know that you are interested in them and see how they respond to it.


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