4 things that can ban you on WhatsApp during these Lok Sabha elections

Apr 15 2019 06:15 PM
4 things that can ban you on WhatsApp during these Lok Sabha elections

On April 11, the first phase of the Lok Sabha elections took place and there are 6 more phases remaining. There is a lot of emphasis on false news and misinformation being spread on the internet as Social media and messages are a key part of these elections. So much so that Facebook's instant messaging platform, WhatsApp, has actually blocked numbers that spread false information. WhatsApp has also disabled the chat feature for many numbers, you should be careful with messages If you are actively using WhatsApp to have a discussion about elections.

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1. Unwanted, automated or bulk messages: 

In WhatsApp FAQ section on the website, it’s clearly stated that users should not try to "try to send the bulk message, send automated messages or dial automatically using WhatsApp." WhatsApp uses both machine learning technology and user reports to detect and prohibit accounts that send unwanted messages. If you contact users in a way they may not want, then you can be banned. Avoid creating accounts or groups in an unauthorized or automated way, or use modified versions of WhatsApp.

2. Use contact lists that are not yours: 

WhatsApp tells users to never share "phone numbers without the consent of people or use data obtained from illicit sources (for example, buying lists of phone numbers) to send messages to users on WhatsApp or add them to groups" 

3. Excessive use of broadcast lists: 

WhatsApp states that messages sent using a broadcast list will only be received when users have added their phone number to their contact list. If you frequently use broadcast messages, there may be people who report your messages. In such cases, WhatsApp blocks the accounts that are reported several times.

4. Violate WhatsApp's terms of service: 

As part of the EULA of WhatsApp, it is prohibited, "among other things, to publish falsehoods and engage in illegal, threatening, intimidating, hateful and racially or ethnically offensive behavior."

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