4 tips to enhance the length of nails

Oct 08 2018 02:30 PM
4 tips to enhance the length of nails

Nails enhance the beauty of the hands. Beautiful and shiny nails bring accolades in the personality of any girl, but many times due to lack of calcium or any other reason the growth of the nails decreases and the nails become fragile and break down easily. Girls use a lot of methods to increase the length of their nails, but many times there is no benefit. So today we are going to tell you some ways to make stronger your nails.

1- If you want to make your nails long and strong, keep your nails dipped in orange juice for 10 minutes daily. After this wash your hands with lukewarm water. By continuously doing this, your nails will be long and strong in a few days.

2- Coconut oil is also very beneficial to enhance the length of nails. By applying this oil, the nails become moisturized and do not break easily. To use it, take coconut oil in a bowl. Now massage your nails with this oil. Doing this your nails grow faster.

3- Take hot water in a bowl. Now add some drops of lemon juice and immerse your nails after 5 minutes put your hands in cold water. Doing this nails becomelonger and stronger.

4- To increase the growth of the nails, cut the garlic buds from the middle and rub it on the nails. By doing this remedy daily at night, your nails will grow rapidly. 

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