4 Workplace advises for dealing with mean co-workers in smart way

Nov 24 2020 01:27 PM
4 Workplace advises for dealing with mean co-workers in smart way

In every workplace, you can meet mean coworkers and to deal with difficult coworkers, bosses, customers, clients, and friends can be a little difficult. It is a skill worth perfecting to deal with such difficult situations at work is challenging. Work already gets stressful enough and in this, we also have to handle hostile or mean co-workers is little exhausting. 

If you often find yourself amongst colleagues who come off as jealous, mean or even aggressive then here are few tips for you. Once they directly start to affect your work productivity in the office or during work-from-home then follow these ways to tackle mean colleagues.

1. Be firm with the way you address the issue

When you face any such situation where your colleagues are being mean, be clam and don’t react back with hatred. It can become worse for you to survive in such a work environment better have a calm composure. Speak evenly in a polite manner. 

2. Analyse your own behaviour

Try to introspect your own behaviour before labelling your co-workers as unpleasant. Taking your work environment into consideration, speak out your opinions confidently, but in a friendly way and professional manner. Give others a chance to speak after every conversation.

3. Keep professional relations

If you realise that your efforts go into vain, then try keeping very crisp and clear professional relations. Don’t try to approach in a friendly or maximise your efforts in hopes of being able to talk with them freely one day. 

4. Avoid meaningless rumours 

Stay away from meaningless gossips about other people. If you don't want to fall into the ‘bad clique’ in the office room, stay away from people who indulge in gossips. 

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