4-year-old Innocent became a victim of lust by a 34-year-old man!

Aug 21 2019 02:20 PM
4-year-old Innocent became a victim of lust by a 34-year-old man!

The increasing number of crime cases these days has become a surprise to all. The case that has come to light recently is from Gurugram in Haryana. In this case, a 4-year-old innocent girl has been made a victim of sexual assault by a 34-year-old man and the police have filed a case under different sections against the accused and arrested the accused as the basis for the complaint of the family members of the victim. According to information received in the case, the police said, "The innocent was playing with her friends late Sunday evening."

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"At the same time, the accused lured the innocent girl with chocolate and then took her to the basement of an under-construction building nearby where he raped her. The accused escaped after the incident," the police said, adding that "the mother of the victim, searching for her daughter, on the other hand, told her that when she questioned her friends, a girl told her that an uncle had taken her to the basement. She then headed to the basement of the building that is being built. When the victim's mother reached the basement, she saw the baby crying."

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"She immediately admitted the girl to a nearby hospital, now the innocent is undergoing treatment in the hospital," reports said, adding that the girl lives with her family in Badshahpur in Gurugram and the accused also lives in the neighborhood of the victim.

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