Why China increases exports in 6 years?

For the first time since the lockdown and the Corona crisis on the front, the pressure on the Chinese goods and imports in India has started seriously. But it would not be completely correct to say that it has already started. Its process started for the last three to four years when during the talks at the top level in both countries, questions were being raised repeatedly from the Prime Minister's level about the trade deficit.

Before this, the target of trade was kept and due to the aggressive policy of China, every time it was more than the target in which China's share also increased and India's trade deficit also increased. Along with industrial policies, aggression was also adopted in India and due to this, in the last six years, imports from China increased by 10% and exports from India increased by 40% but it is also true that the fight for self-reliance is still long.

India's electronics manufacturing was of 1.90 lakh business in the year 2014 which reached the level of 4.5 lakh crore by the end of 2019. Less than 10 companies making mobile phones were producing in India six years ago. Now, this number is more than 200. As a result, imports of electrical and electronics from China decreased by $ 9 billion in the last two years.

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