This manhood-enhancing lizard is sold for more than 40 lakhs

Lizards are found everywhere in the world, be it at home or outside, but today we are going to tell you about the most expensive lizard in the world. The name of this lizard is Giko. This lizard makes the sound of a word like 'Talk-K', so it is also called Talk-K. The gecko lizard looks just like a normal lizard, but this lizard has hidden properties that increase the manhood of human beings.

This lizard is mostly found in the forests of South-East Asia, Bihar, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Northeast India, Philippines and Nepal. Yes, the most shocking and shocking thing is that the price of this lizard is more than 40 lakhs. For the information of all of you, This lizard is being smuggled on a large scale.

The meat of this lizard is used in Southeast Asian countries to increase masculine strength, make medicines for diseases like diabetes, AIDS and cancer. You will be surprised to know that in today's time, the number of lizards of this species is constantly decreasing, but people are not coming to terms with their actions. They are catching them and using them to make medicines, which is not true to a large extent.

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