5 easy Tips to use Henna hair pack in winter season

Being white of hair is a natural process, but if the hair starts to become white even before age it is a serious problem. There may be many reasons for white hair. For example, due to lack of essential nutrients in the body, white blood sugar due to lack of disease, long illness, bad food can come. Often people use henna to hide the whiteness of their hair, but there are also some rules for applying henna in hair. There are certain methods which will make your hair color shine and hair loss will also not happen.

1- The hedgehog of Henna is cold, due to which it can be risky in a cold winter to apply it in the winter season. Therefore, before applying henna in the winter season, put 2-4 cloves in Mehndi's paste. By doing this, it will be not cause of cold and cough.

2- If you have more trouble with cold then you can add elements like oil, tea water, dry amla, mango juice, cinnamon, walnut, coffee in Mehndi.

3- If you want to bring magenta color in your hair then grind the flower of Gudhal and put it in the Mehndi.

4- Before adding a henna to the hair, add a camphor and a teaspoon of fenugreek powder to it. This will save your hair from being white.

5- Mix two spoons of orange juice in Mehndi powder and apply it in your hair. Afterwards wash your hair with clean water. It will make strong your hair.



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