5 Dangerous Places for Tourists to visit in India

India is one of the best places to visit its people, physical and various other conditions make it unique. From adventure sports like trekking, and hiking to beautiful and picturesque landscapes, there is a lot that India has to offer for each one of us. However, with all the magical places that India has, there are many that are alluring but not accessible to tourists because of natural and man-made things. Here are the top 5 dangerous places to visit in India.
Andaman and Nicobar: One of the best places to stay connected with nature, especially for forest lovers. Adman Nicobar is also a very dangerous place to travel in India.  As This is home to two ‘Mongoloid’ tribes- the Shompen and Nicobarese. These tribes are believed to have arrived on the island around 60,000 years ago from Africa. The tribes are cut off from the world, for the safety of both their communities and visitors. And therefore if a person from the outside world visit them they became very violent.
Chambal Valley: You might have heard about the stories of Chambal in movies and the story about the Dakos is very true and even today they are present there. It is in Central India has been known since decades as the stomping grounds of some of the country's most lethal Dakotas. 
Dras: One of the beautiful and dangerous place to travel is Dras. Dras is the second coldest inhabited region on the planet. At an altitude of approximately 10,597 feet above the ground, you can always feel an icy chill in the air. Prone to several military incursions and crossfire of bullets, this is the second coldest habitable area in the world! On the bright side, it is also called as ‘Gateway to Ladakh’. 
Bastar: Bastar is a small town in the Chattisgarh district. The danger level of this place is that it is frequented by Naxals! The expansive forests are not manned enough and hence they are perfect locations for guerrilla activity. Several attacks and firefights in the region have ensured low footfalls but high body counts. 
Thar Desert: Thar desert is one of the best places to visit, here the threat is not to people but with animals. Beyond the beauty of the massive sand cover, there is danger lurking in the Thar desert. It is surreal in looks but the dry conditions definitely challenge you despite being well equipped with food and beverages. If that is not enough, there are tons of Saw Scaled Vipers, Black Cobra’s and Sand Boa hissing around.

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