5 days after birth, the girl of this famous actress came in the grip of serious illness, shared the video and told the truth

Television actress Debina Bonnerjee is enjoying her motherhood period. Just a few days ago, Debina Banerjee gave birth to a daughter. He named her Liena. Debina and Gurmeet are overjoyed to be Liena's parents. Recently Debina Banerjee told through a video that Liana had jaundice 5 days after birth.

In the new video, Debina Banerjee said that the level of Liena's Jondis was 19. Above 15 is considered very dangerous. Blood test done. The daughter was placed in the incubator. Talking about the process, she said, "The daughter was put in an incubator where she was blindfolded and kept wearing only a diaper, so that the light rays would not harm the baby. Give Lena two billy lights. was kept inside. I was in pain and also tense. Gurmeet found Liena's eyes yellow. He thought something was wrong."

Debina said that both of us felt very bad that we did not bring her to the doctors. Everyone said that Liena would be fine in a few days. We were told that 90 percent of children suffer from jaundice. Either they happen at birth or a few days after they are born. Debina Banerjee told that Lina is going to be a beach baby. The doctors said that Liana sleeps like a queen. If I will take Lena to Goa, she will enjoy a lot. Liena did not cry and only slept for 24 hours. Debina Banerjee said that when Liena was placed inside Billy Light Rage, her Johndis level became 10 the very next day. Both of us parents brought Liena home. Liena is a calm baby and she doesn't cry much. She has gone to Gurmeet. I call him Mini Guru. Let us tell you that Debina gave birth to Liana on 3 April.

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