5 disadvantages of wearing eye lenses

These days we wear contact lenses to correct vision or to look beautiful. These lenses are one of the leading ways to correct vision, but there are also some disadvantages of contact lenses. This form of treatment is only temporary and has to be changed regularly. These leads to various complications Contact lenses also causes symptoms of eye infections include blurry vision, redness, excess mucus production, light sensitivity and irritation. If ignored, these symptoms may result in vision loss. Here are 5 disadvantages of wearing contact lenses.

Dry Eyes: Wearing these lenses reduces the quantity of tears getting on the cornea as they absorb most of our tears to keep itself soft. This lack of tears causes dry eyes which  result in  itchiness, burning sensation and redness of the eyes. If the eyes get too dry, it will also  lead to the scarring of the cornea which can be extremely painful.

Eye Infection: There will be a high risk of conjunctivitis if you wear contact lenses for long hours at a stretch, especially through the night. As it provide a moist environment which acts as a potential breeding ground for microorganisms like viruses and bacteria. Less oxygen reaches the cornea when you wear lenses, the body doesn’t fight off an infection that is caused by bacteria or viruses.

Ulcer:  Wearing contact lenses  causes an open sore caused by fungus, bacteria, parasite infection or viruses is formed in the eye’s cornea. A corneal ulcer can cause permanent blindness if it is not treated quickly. If it does lead to blindness.

Dust: A common problem with  associated with the lenses is their ability to trap dust, debris and other substances underneath the lens which forces these into the eye. These substances build up over time which can lead to a scratch or other damage to the cornea and eye infections. If you wear the lenses trap with dust and debris it affects your vision and causes various harmful effects.

Change in quality: Contact lenses are less durable than glasses. Contact lenses start to deteriorate over time. Protein deposits build up on the lens plus the lens itself is at risk of damage such as scratches or tears. They start to show their age after a period of time and become less effective at correcting your vision.

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