Once you do these 5 things, problem of not having a network in mobile will be fixed

It is seen that the users of mobile are always worried about the speed and network of the internet. Yes, and they always complain that the network in their smartphone does not come properly. In such a situation, people make millions of efforts to fix it and always many other attempts are also made, but nothing is understood.

Many times people buy even expensive smartphones, but neither the problem of the network is removed nor the speed of the internet is fast, then people blame mobile companies. However, the truth is that since the strictness of the central government, the companies giving SIM cards have tried to overcome the network problem to a great extent. Yes, and because of this, it is better than blaming someone else that once you try to boost your mobile.

Today we tell you the best way to boost mobile. First of all, shift your mobile from 3G to 2G. This will slow down the speed of the internet. But the signals will start to catch up properly. Apart from this, the signals are also less when the cover is applied. So, definitely keep this in mind. At the same time, when there is a signal weak, put the smartphone in a glass of glass, although there is no solid evidence of why this happens but the signal is good. Apart from this, if you want, install the signal booster. At the same time, if there is a network problem at any place, then divert the call.

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