5 effective Ayurvedic ways to treat Diabetes Type 2
5 effective Ayurvedic ways to treat Diabetes Type 2

As time passes people are learning the benefits of Ayurveda to treat different diseases. With a strong focus on mind-body connection, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle modifications, and herbal use, Ayurveda has the power to truly make a large impact on patients suffering from diabetes as well as the healthcare system. Often, chronic conditions are best treated with lifestyle modifications.  Some people are really frustrated with medicines and they want natural treatment.  Ayurvedic remedies is best as it doesn’t result in any side effects. Here are five Ayurvedic ways to treat him.

Tulsi and Neem: The people of India revere this plant for its extraordinary medicinal properties. Regular use of tulsi leaves successfully regulates blood sugar levels. Additionally, it is beneficial for a variety of cancers, respiratory and bacterial infections, sore throats, coughs, and colds. Meanwhile, neem has historically been used to purify the blood and boost the immune system. It aids in the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.
Have Methi Dana: Diabetics must consume methi dana on a regular basis. They can consume sprouts or drink fenugreek water on an empty stomach in the morning.  You can also add Methi Dana in your food as Methi Dana has several other benefits.
 Turmeric: It is an anti-allergic, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and one of the strongest natural anti-diabetic agents. It aids in the purification of the blood, acts as a channel opener, aids in the reduction of insulin resistance, and thus facilitates glucose entry into the cells. Turmeric is effective when combined with aloe vera.
Karela and Amla Juice:  Amla and Karela have various health Benefit and if you combine this then it is one of the best remedies to treat it. This vegetable juice works wonders in reducing and managing complications of diabetes. For better performance, 30 ml of Karela juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is recommended. 
 Bananas and Nuts: Many studies have pointed out the ability of resistant starch present in foods like bananas in controlling blood sugar levels. But, remember moderation is the key. You can also have Nuts that provide healthy fats, are rich in proteins and are very low on carbohydrates. But make sure you these nuts in restricted quantity.

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